With Food Shortages Looming, President Biden Spins: “Starving is The New Look Ladies!”

WASHINGTON, DC: With Jen Psaki having left for MSNBC, President Biden is in charge of his own spin for the first time. His debut press briefing was considered by some to be lackluster.

Frank Nut of the Washington Bird Cage Liner asked about supply chain concerns and potential food shortages.

“Look, okay, fat? Here – here – here’s the deal,” Biden said. “We’ve got more food than I can eat and that’s a lot! My wife Kamala will tell you, see? Here.” The President then held the microphone up to a floor lamp.

“You know how women can be, Whoopi’s nervous. Listen man, starving is the new look. All the ladies wanna be starving, guys love feeling ribs and spine. It was nineteen hundred – oh you know when. Al Jolson, he loved ’em real thin, ‘member him? I took an Amtrak with him once, I had just got off my 18-wheeler. Anyways, you get it, we have no food.” Biden concluded. ■

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